Collection: Original: golden collection

This offer is aimed at art lovers who want to treat themselves to a work of art unique For embellish their interior.

Here are my works of art original and unique whose breaks are highlighted and sublimated to the real 18 carat gold leaf.

The work is carefully packaged with love by me and sent with a certificate of authenticity signed by my hand.


Do you have questions? It's here!

Why order an original work?

  • To have the pride of having an absolutely work unique, in its dimension and support and magnified to 18 carat real gold leaf.

  • Because the artist put all his skill, his intention and his expertise.

What does the price understand?

The price includes :

- Your table unique

- There gilding with the gold leaf posed by hand.

- A certificate of authenticity. The work signed by the artist.

- the framed work if it is a pastel

- THE costs delivery are included !