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Famous your path to resilience thanks to your Kintsugi portrait personalized.

This offer is aimed at women who are traveling or have traveled a path of resilience and want it celebrate.

✨ Have you gone through difficult times in your life?

✨ Have you overcome obstacles and demonstrated resilience to thrive and succeed despite challenges?

If so, youdeserves to be celebrated and honored for your strength, patience and determination.

That’s why I created this personalized portrait offering for women who have demonstrated resilience. I am committed to offering you a unique experience Who will allow you to feel proud of your journey and your story.

This artistic service is designed to capture yourpersonality and your inner strength. I will work with you to create a portrait that reflects who you are and your journey. We can talk about the details of creation so that it reflects your image.

Conceived-you with your portrait hanging in your living room or your office, reminding you at every moment of your strength and your ability to overcome obstacles. You can also give this portrait as a gift to a loved one who has experienced a journey of resilience. This is an original way ofencourage and to honor him.

I am dedicated to creating a portrait that resembles you and that highlights your inner beauty. I will put my knowledge and my attention to detail at your service.

I am convinced that every woman deserves to be honored for her resilience and courage. This personalized portrait offer will allow you to celebrate your journey and feel proud of the incredible person that you are.

Do not hesitate to contact me for more information about this portrait service. I look forward to working with you to create a unique and memorable portrait who looks likes you.

You have questions ? I answer it!

Why order a Kintsugi portrait?

For you visualize Already restored and fulfilled will inspire you on a daily basis.

See you at home as well magnified You will encourage you on your resilience path, good and bad days.

You deserve to be celebrated And to celebrate your life course, your victories, each stage of your life, the little ones and the big ones.

Does that speak to you? You want

✨ To celebrate your own resilience journey

✨ To visualize yourself "restored and fulfilled"

✨ To give you hope for more difficult days

✨ To remind you on a daily basis with pride with the path already traveled

✨ To offer someone who lives or has lived a difficult time in their life?

So this offer is made for you!

What does the price understand?

The price includes :

- your portraitPersonalized Kintsug will be printed either on Ilford Cotton textured 310 mg paper for a renderingartistic naturalness and oneTextured, either on hahnemuhle paper Depending on the style of painting (hyperrealist or not), the choice is at the discretion of the artist, which is best suited for the best visual rendering possible.

- Theregildingat the 18 -carat gold leaf installed by hand (if the option is chosen)

- Acertificate of authenticity. The work signed by the artist.

- its golden frame with or without a passpartout,ready to installyour house.

- THEcostsdelivery areincluded !

Will he really like it?

Yes !

Because I do your portrait in "draft" and send you a watermark copy (to prevent copies) for approval. This will give you an idea of ​​style, atmosphere, general features.

The final execution of the table is only done after your validation.

How is the order process going?

How does it happen ?

1. You place the order. Once validated, you can send me some photos of you or the person you want to offer the portrait. They will have to be of good quality, quite close, preferably where you are very smiling.

2. I paint your portrait and send you a watermark copy (to prevent copies) for portrait approval

3. Once I have your green light, there is no longer any possible modification. I finish the execution of the table, I gilding with the golden sheets, prepare your certificate, I stem your table and send it to you with care and love.

4. You receive it ready to install or offer!

I can only invite you to take the opportunity to grant you a small personal celebration on this occasion. You celebrate and celebrate! It's your day!✨

At each stage of the process, if you have a question or other, I am at your disposal to find together what suits you best.

What are the dimensions ?

The portrait itself will be by default 30 cm x 40 cm

Box: 30 cm x 40 cm.

If you want another size or frame color, let me know by email before ordering, I would make you a tailor-made price.