Sara de Hontheim

In love drawing and nature since my earliest childhood, I draw my inspiration from the very essence of Kintsugi art to create works that reflect the power of resilience.

The Kintsugi, an ancestral Japanese art, shapes my artistic approach. It is the delicate art of restoring objects in sublimating their scars with gold, thus transforming brokenness into new and unique beauty.

My own the course of life is marked by a profound journey of resilience. I had to face great trials, ranging from bereavement to abuse of all kinds, including a long debilitating illness. These challenges, although difficult, have shaped me and inspired me to embrace the very essence of resilience. Today, I carry the flame of this experience to illuminate the path of other resilient women through Kintsugi Art.

Through my artistic creations, I strive to weave visual stories which instill strength and courage, while preserving a subtle lightness. My works are the fruit of exploration beauty that can emerge of the pain, of the transformation that comes from trials and the hope that rises from the ashes of adversity.

It is with a deep intention that I share my own healing journey through my art. My creations are a window open on my testimony of transformation, radiating a glimmer of hope that animates each of my brushstrokes. I believe in the ability of Kintsugi Art to touch souls, to awaken emotions and inspire a trip towards inner healing.

I invite you to join me in this artistic exploration that transcends the pains of life and celebrates resilience in all its forms.

May my gold creations be a source of inspiration and hope for each person who enters my artistic universe.

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My story of resilience

When I open the photo albums of my life, I feel bothemotion for this little girl, this young woman and at the same time my heart tightens and my stomach knots thinking of all the suffering that I was experiencing at that time but which was not yet visible externally.

When the suffering became visible, I was in a wheelchair and bedridden almost constantly. I couldn't even read, write or draw anymore. These photos from the time are unbearable for me to see.

My resilience journey was long, lonely and not easy, but I managed to get out of the patterns that locked me in as well as toxic relationships. Little by little I found energy, hope, laughter. I was able to walk again, reconnect with artistic and social activities and have a real life.

I decided to build a life in which I feel fulfilled, anchored in the present, to enjoy every good moment, ray of sunshine, to collect these bits of happiness like a magnificent bouquet of flowers.

Now I smile seeing the photos that show me radiant, fulfilled, even rejuvenated. It gives me a burst of joy and I celebrate my transformation and my development. It is this celebration of the progress made that I want to give to resilient women.

In my reconstruction, I have built a new secure home in which I feel good, like a cocoon. I only put things in it that please me and make me feel good. I like things inspiring, beautiful, feminine, elegant, quite refined. I transmit this atmosphere of calm, strength and serenity in my paintings so that you can in turn feel good at your place.

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-From October to December 2023: solo exhibition at theLumen Space

-February to June 2022: solo exhibition in AdéléA in Geneva, Switzerland

-November 2021-January 2022: Exhibition at the Clinique la Lignière in Gland, Switzerland

Solo Expo "A Healing Path" talking about my journey and healing journey

-March-April 2018: Exhibition Portraits in the Bolero Gallery In Versoix, Switzerland